Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crimped Row Stitch #3

 When I started designing the crimped stitches, I did design a third. It's been languishing for a while, but now here it is! Unlike the previous two crimped stitches, this one has two pattern rows.

Using a very stretchy cast-on, co any number of sts plus 2 for selvedges.

Row 1 (WS): K all sts. (On the 2nd and subsequent repeats, drop the second wrap as you knit the st.)
Row 2: K1, p across, k1.
Row 3: K1. (Knit up a stitch 2 rows below next st, knit next st, knit up a stitch 2 rows below last st) across until 1 st rem. K1.
Row 4: K1. (Sl 2 k-wise, k1 with double wrap, p2sso) across until 1 st rem. K1.

Work pattern to desired length ending with Row 3. Bind off loosely in Row 4 pattern. (Drop the second wrap of each st before working the next st.)

The diagram shows the sequence of knitting up the outer stitches and knitting the center one. The first time it's done, the outer stitches are knit up in the cast-on which is, of course, different from subsequent rows. Depending on the cast-on, this can be confusing. Stretch it out a bit to reveal a space to use. There is really no right or wrong here, so just be consistent.

Now, what variations can be worked here? What if we leave out the double wraps in Row 4? Can we change the order of the knitted up stitches? Can this stitch (or any of the others) be made into an offset pattern? Those are questions for the next time(s). Until then . . .

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