Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Scarf Part 2

Last month, a meme crossed my Pinterest feed a number of times, "Keep calm and finish it for next Christmas." Yep, I'm keeping that in mind. I had an idea for a knitted Christmas tree, but ran into a glitch without enough time to fix it, test it out, and publish the pattern. It is filed away with sufficient information (I hope) to pick it up in a few months and get it finished.

So, my next project was to finish the scarf I started in early 2013. I was making it to match my new winter jacket which, as it turns out, I needed to wear exactly once in San Francisco. I had no real need to finish the scarf.

But we're back in New Jersey now, and a few weeks ago it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit. And so I finished the scarf! It blocked to about 6.5" wide and just over 7' long. I thought it might be too long, but it feels just right.

The pattern stitch I used, "3/3 Fancy Rib" from 400 Knitting Stitches, shows off the yarn, every eccentric little bit of it, perfectly!  It's a nicely textured pattern stitch in and of itself, though, and I'm rather wondering how I might use it again. (Because there aren't a zillion other pattern stitches that I haven't tried out yet!)

Another project I worked on is the Pussy Hat Project. Their mission is to provide symbolic pink hats to the people attending The Woman's March on Washington D. C. (and sister marches in many other cities) on January 21. I was pleased to find two hats' worth of the right color and weight of yarn in my stash - - how often does that happen! It's a very easy pattern, and it really does form cat's ears when it's worn

And that is it for now! Until next time . . .