Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Take 2: I Never Thought I'd Make . . .

Sorry, everyone, somehow this post went out unfinished. Cheeky post. Here is the whole thing.

My youngest nephew has taken up golf and my sister asked me to make a couple of club covers in his school colors. You don't have to ask me twice. It turns out they're not a frivolous item - - pom-poms excluded - - but protect the club heads from damage. By some miracle, my local Michaels had Vanna's Choice in the correct colors and matching dye lots in sufficient quantities to make a set. Needless to say, I now have enough black and gold yarn for a set.

I was going to do my own design based on my cup cozy pattern, (and I still may - - after all I do have enough yarn for a set)  but I wanted to get a couple of them done quickly. I found these Swirl of Color covers on Ravelry. It's mostly an easy pattern as the body is knit flat and seamed. The ribbing is picked up along one edge and knit in the round. The pattern calls for binding off the ribbing with a much larger needle, but I used Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off  instead. This is an awesome technique, creating a tidy bind-off with remarkable stretch as you can see in the second photograph.

As it turns out, the pom-poms do serve a function, covering the gap that occurs when the top is gathered. I decided I needed new pom-pom makers (of course I did) and I picked one of the sets from Clover.

The set comes with complete instructions and there are numerous tutorials online, but I did come up with my own little twist. The pom-pom maker has two halves that are wrapped separately. Two halves equals two colors! Now, depending on where you tie the pom-pom, you can divide the colors differently. If you force the knot between the colors, as at the black arrow, you get a side-by-side division like the pom-pom to the left. If you force the knot to the side as at either of the gold arrows, you get a top and bottom division like the one to the right. Looking at that second pom-pom, I think it looks top-heavy. It might be worthwhile to wrap the bottom half a bit more fully than the top.

Okay, now I'm done! Until next time . . .