Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Swatches

These are the results of my experiments using novelty yarns with the stitch pattern in my last post. 

The main color in the upper swatch is a nylon ribbon yarn that I've been experimenting with recently. It's supple and folds and twists on itself, and so creates a wonderful texture. I don't know why or when the metallic contrast yarn got into my stash, but it makes a good companion!

The lower swatch uses variegated 
mohair (I think!) as the main color and Shetland wool as the contrast. If you analyze it closely, you can see a bit of an issue with pooling, but the overall effect is one of truly mixed colors.

An issue I've noticed with this stitch pattern is the occasional tendency for great big loops to form on the wrong side. These block right out in the natural fibers, but remain in the nylon ribbon. It's an easy matter to give the most egregious ones a couple of twists to compact them and darn them in under the contrast strands on the back.

Until next time . . .