Useful Techniques

Using Yarn as a Holder
I generally use lengths of slippery sport-weight yarn in place of standard stitch holders. This is especially necessary for the four-direction sweater, because there are times that you may need to put forty or more inches worth of stitches onto a holder.
To transfer the stitches to a holder, thread a blunt needle with a piece of the holder yarn at least a foot (30.5 cm) longer than the row or round you will be transferring. Leaving a six inch (15.25 cm) or so tail in the holder yarn, slip three stitches purl-wise from the knitting needle to the blunt needle and onto the holder. Go back through the three stitches in the same order forming a loop around them which will secure them. Slip the remainder of the stitches purl-wise onto the holder. Form a loop around the last three as for the first three. (See diagram.)

To return the stitches to the knitting needle, simply insert the knitting needle purl-wise through all the stitches in turn. (It will be easier if you use a smaller diameter needle for this step.) Undo the loops and pull out the holder. Change back to the correct size needle and continue working.

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