Friday, April 28, 2017

Underline Stitch

Underline Stitch

This is an original pattern stitch I developed a number of years ago. I call it "Underline Stitch" for the line of strands it forms across the work. It's best worked in a singles yarn because plies detract from the cohesive look of the strands. Also, it biases wildly, so a natural yarn that blocks well is a must. My swatches here are worked in Lamb's Pride Worsted on US 8 (5 mm) needles.

Underline Stitch

Loosely cast on any number of stitches.

Preparation row (RS): K every st wrapping yarn twice.

Row 1 (WS): K every st dropping the second wrap.

Row 2: For every st, with the right needle, go under the head of the next stitch in the row below from the bottom (Figure 1), lift it onto the left needle so it forms an "X" with the next stitch (Figure 2), put the right needle into the back of the 2 loops (Figure 3), and knit them tog from this position wrapping the needle twice.

To finish, work Row 2 with single wraps. Bind off on WS, very loosely, stretching the edge as you go.

Condensed Underline Stitch
The stitch can be condensed by eliminating the double wraps on all the rows. This still produces an open fabric but, of course, you can always go up a needle size or two. You can also combine the two versions; this is an interesting way to sneak in a novelty yarn that might not block well. I used the background yarn for the standard version, then worked four condensed rows (two repeats) in a fine stainless steel-blend yarn (unfortunately discontinued). To finish the stripe off, I worked one more condensed row, but in the background yarn. Finally, I went back to the standard version.

Combined Underline Stitch

So, the reason I bring this stitch up is because it's the one that came out too dense in the ribbon yarn from the last post. I'm going to try again on larger needles or - - hey - - maybe I could triple wrap! Or, and this is what is at the front in my mind, I have another pattern stitch more appropriate for the yarn. Or I could think up something else.

Until then . . .

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