Sunday, August 10, 2014

Now, where was I . . . ? Oh yeah, Rome!

This was my first trip ever to Italy. Art! Architecture! History! Food! And, of course, yarn!

When my husband first went on a business trip to Rome thirty-ish years ago, he came home with the most amazing novelty yarns. I rather expected that every shop I entered would have a similar selection.

Unfortunately, it turns out that all that beautiful yarn came from just one shop which is no longer in business. There was no shortage of knitting materials, of course, but much of it was fairly standard.

Nevertheless, I did not come home empty-handed.The yarn I bought at Nutarelli is called "Pompeux". It's 60% Cupro and 40% metallic. I'd call it a light fingering weight; I suspect that many knitters would use it as a carry-along yarn. The woman at Nutarelli did not speak English which, obviously, was not an impediment to my purchase.

At Nana e Bobo, I bought a yarn called "Energia". It is from the company Adriafil. It is 46% nylon, 24% acrylic, 22% cotton, and 8% polyester. I'm not going to venture to guess what thickness it would be considered! I also bought a couple of shawl pins; you can never have too many even if you never wear shawls. The woman at Nana e Bobo spoke some English.

At a third shop I bought a pattern stitch dictionary with some unfamiliar-looking stitches. I haven't tried any of the stitches yet; just waiting for some free time, whatever that is.

And that's it! Until next time . . .

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