Monday, February 3, 2014

Offset Pattern

In Old Shale, the pattern is achieved by stacking the yarnovers in one column and stacking the decreases in another. One thing I wanted to do was take the elements and alternate them instead. I continued with six yarnovers and condensed decreases with the outer ones slanting towards the central stitch. The result is the swatch shown to the right. Its structure reminds me a bit of filet crochet; I think that effect might be more obvious if I had used sl2-k1-p2sso for all the decreases. Yet another thing for my "to try" list.

Here is the chart for this version. The symbols are the same as in the previous post.

As I was working on the swatch, I kept thinking that it was just a jumble with no real character. You can see from the "before" picture why I would think that. I'm delighted by how nicely it opened up with blocking, but before that I had already thought of a couple of "improvements". One of those will be featured in the next post. Until then . . .

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