Friday, August 31, 2012

Ripple Ribbing

I got swamped this week and wasn't able to prepare what I had planned, so let me share another original stitch pattern with you.

Ripple Ribbing

CN:  Cable needle
LN: Left needle
RN: Right needle
WS: Wrong side
Left Yarnover Cross (LYC): Sl 1 to RN, sl 1 to CN and hold in front, return sl st to LN, k2tog, yo, k1 from CN.
Right Yarnover Cross (RYC): Sl 1 to CN and hold in back, k1, yo, sl st from CN k-wise and return to LN in this position without removing RN. Insert RN into back of second st and k2tog from this position.

Cast on a multiple of 5 sts + 2

Rows 1 & 3 (WS): (K2, p3) until 2 sts rem, p2.
Row 2: P2, (LYC, p2) across.
Row 4: P2, (RYC, p2) across.

Bind off in pattern on WS.

Until next time.

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